Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Experience and Skills

Sales, Media, Content Writer, Editor, Public Policy, Journalist
Environmental Sustainability/Energy/Agriculture
Organizational Leadership/Change Management

Seeking a dynamic news media, sales or corporate leadership position to greatly empower people and contribute to corporate growth and profitability. Ideal positions: Executive Sales, Media, Social Media Manager, News Reporter, Creative Content Writer, Journalist
Writing and Social Media experience :
Harvard trained in Environmental Sustainability, with focus on global agriculture, food systems, and nutritional ecology, energy, water, and global sustainability policy. Health, food, vines and wines, and domestic interest blogger with focus on sustainable energy and agriculture, personal growth, and women's economic/social empowerment. Multiple platform social media management on Blogger and Word Press, experience with HootSuite, Sprout Online, Google Analytics, Facebook page management. FrontPage page web design, and various design platforms. Daily and weekly page updates with cross media postings and follower interactions. Guest blogger on multiple websites, blogher.com. Facebook Page manager for outside interest including Harvard University French class, Harvard Chix, and other local community groups.

Harvard University Extension, Cambridge, Massachusetts  
Continuing Estimated Graduation 2016- Matriculated Degree Candidate, Bachelor of Liberal Arts: International Affairs/Sustainability/Journalism. Degree completion through Harvard Extension School. Academic Scholarship award recipient, HES 2014, 2015, 2016.

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan
2000-2002 Political Science/International Affairs/Women's Studies GPA 3.87
Relevant Courses     
International Political Economy
International Business Law
Environmental Politics
Women & Gender Politics
Women in History
US Government Systems
Expository Writing Intensive
Environmental Law
Climate Change
Organizational Leadership & Change
French Language Intensive
Creative Writing
Sustainable Agriculture


Population and Environmental Impact Study: Performed a research project using University database and world news sources. Demonstrated through intensive research, the strong correlation between social policy and population growth rates, as well as impact of rapid population growth on environment. 

Cuba and Guatemala: Corporate Influence on Economy: Performed research that produced results demonstrating the governments of certain 3WC changing economic policy to shift from open markets to closed corporate-run industry.


Outstanding Executive Level Presentation and Negotiation, Communication, Research, Persuasive, and Creative Writing, Presentation, Closing Skills. Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Social Media: Google Blogger, Google Analytics, WordPress, Sprout Social Online Management, Hoot suite, Twitter, Facebook Pages & Pinterest.


* Enthusiastic, eternally optimistic, high-energy, focused, friendly, and self-motivated. 

* Interests in organic vegetable and herb gardening, vine growing, wine making, homesteading, European culture, travel writing, and French cooking.  

* Favorite quote to live by:  “A rising tide lifts all boats”.